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Hi, welcome to my website. My name is Mike, and, for 24 years, I worked in Europe as a carpenter, following a professional apprenticeship under a German Master Carpenter. Back home since 2014, I now offer excellence in woodworking for select neighborhoods in Louisville. In addition to small or larger repairs, I offer you exclusive new in- and outdoor custom creations, handmade from solid wood, too. You can expect German accuracy and quality of work, as the references from my customers in Indian Hills, Glenview, Norton Commons, Polo Fields, Prospect and Anchorage show. Just call for an appointment. I'll come by and offer you the right solution!

Solid Hardwood Built-ins

Handmade Custom Built Ins of larger dimension can be a challenge but particularly so when it has to be angled to fit the roof slope as in this 20x8ft bookcase. My customer wanted a solid hardwood unit built to his design in his study, with shelves, doors, drawers and a workstation with charging ports and printer in a locking cabinet. The result is a nice example of functional design.

Beyond that, the dining room got a new fireplace mantel surround and the grand arched window got some maintenance to repair some weather damage.

Reference for this project in Anchorage

Handmade Shutters

Custom built-ins or exterior constructions of solid wood for your home, shop or office give your rooms and house a unique character. Handmade products stand for passionate, old-fashioned craftsmanship in contrast to anonymous, mass products.

It is exclusive and a statement of quality, like these shutters I designed and constructed from solid wood for a French Country style house in Indian Hills

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New Handmade Banister

As part of a major renovation of their home, my customer couldn't find anyone to build them a new railing. So, my flyer arrived at the right time, and they called me for their project. They wanted a handrail with a classic black white design crafted from solid oak and pine. Part of the project was to remove the round bullnoses from the starting step and build the new baniser accordingly. Sometimes, the challenge is not in the new construction, as much as the removal of the old staircase without damage to the stairs and floor and then the reconstruction so the staircase looks like it had never been any differnet. That's one reason that makes the installation of a new banister a demanding task for diligence and skill.

Reference for this project in Polo Fields

New Walnut Countertops

The kitchen in this 150 y-o country mansion - and especially the solid mahagony cabinets - needed a make-over. My customer wanted a new, large handmade pantry cabinet with shaker designed doors and new doors and drawers from solid wood for the existing cabinets, too.

For the countertops, I recommended my customer walnut, which I could get in an excellent, flawless quality from a Kentucky sawmill. Typical countertops are 1-1/2" thick, but this solid walnut creation is 2" thick, with boards as wide as 10"! And they got a beautiful butcher block from the remainders.

Reference for this project in Prospect

New Deck Landscape

Located on the Ohio river, with beautiful views of the river, the deck landscape is the corporate design element of this impressive ensemble of a main house, a tower guest house and an artist workshop.

The different levels of the deck with its curving form and the wish that the stairs organically fit the form was a pleasant challenge.

Reference for this project in Prospect

Handmade Barn Door

For his home office, my customer wished a handmade barn door with a classic double cross design crafted from solid pine. The entrance to the office consisted of a wide opening in the wall, so I built an oversized door with a rustic design to harmonize with the floor.

Sometimes, the challenge is not in the construction, as much as the installation. In many houses, the surfaces aren't level and in this case, the floor made a dip, so, careful work was necessary to make sure the door opened and closed properly.

Reference for this project in Prospect

Repair of Mahogany Porches

The two beautiful porches were built with Mahogany, and, over time, there was some rotten wood damage that made a professional repair necessary. Most of my repairs are a combination between replacing and repair, like in this case.

My customers also asked me to craft a portable baby gate for the wide porch stairs. They wanted it to match the esthetics of the porch railings and for it to be removable. I decided to put it on rollers, so it could be attached, removed or moved aside by a single person. My customers were very happy with the solution.

Reference for this project in Anchorage

Handmade Wine Cabinets

This beautiful old historical cellar from the 19th century is located in a tree-covered ridge in Glenview. It was extensively renovated by the owners to be used in future as a wine cellar.

For the three different chambers, I designed and installed wine rack cabinets and for the main room, an installation of split wood. A special challenge was the construction of a large wine cabinet in shaker design from solid ash for 500 bottles.

Reference for this project in Glenview

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Terms of Service

Estimates that I make for jobs are, in fact, guaranteed, total-price offers for the work in question. As special service for you, I always separate the exact cost of the material and labor in my offers, too. For larger projects, there is a down payment for work of 25%, which will be calculated against the final payment.